Wednesday, April 13, 2011

StarWars dessert table (bar)

A few days ago I shared that I was preparting to set a Starwars dessert bar for my nephew's birthday party, as I told you before... I am new to the boy scene.  All my experience has been with girl parties, i've done rockstar, alice in wonderland, build a bear, minnie mouse, dumbo's circus, wizard of oz and lady bugs....   StarWars is my very first boy themed dessert table, and to be my first I thought it went pretty good... what do you think?

Pretzel Stick light saber dipped in chocolate and in colored candy coating.

Marshmallow Stormtrooper with chocolate pipped masks!

Yoda Yummies.... a variety of chocolates in silver and blue.

Clear cups with "Tostitos" and "churritos" filled the levels of the Dark Force Tower!

DeathStar Pops were cake balls on a stick!

These gumball skewers were one of my favorite... green/brown for Yoda and red/black for Vader!

Brownies with chocolate ganache coating in star shaped pans with hand made toppers!'s a detail of the pipping for the DeathStar pops!

Oreo pops w/sprinkles resembled Chubacca's fur!

my signature caramel/chocolate dipped granny smith apples in Yoda and Dath colors!

more apples to add some color into the tower.

to top off the dark force tower I used tamarind rods as Darth Vader's red lightsaber!

other quotes from the movie were used throughout the party,

Jedi Juice was used at the beverage stand,

and "StarWars Coffee" was cleverly used by the cofffee machine!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cards are here...

my cards are here finally!  They look good but with one huge problem : my name is not on them... I don't know what happened, was it my mistake or theirs... but the companies name IS on it, aswell as all the contact information so I will hand them out and hope for the best!

por fin llegaron mis tarjetas!  Se ven bien pero tienen un gran error:  no tienen mi nombre!!!   No se que sucedio... si fue mi error o de ellos, pero el nombre de la compania si esta bien asi como toda la informacion de contacto, telefonos y correos electronicos...   asi que las repartire, y esperare lo mejor!

Monday, April 4, 2011

still no business cards...

monday monday......
and still no delivery... no business cards; had to come up with something last minute with some colorful cardstock and colored sharpies to hand out on Saturdays birthday party!

But thank God the candy/tostitos bar was a success! Everything turned out perfect, well almost, once again I had no time to put on the hanging banner of silver stars (was suppose to hang on the skirt of the table) and the background was not added to this table because of the way the back wall and window were....  oh well, all in all it turned out good and most of the guests were impressed and asked me about my work!!!

Im still working on gathering all the photos we took so I can post them and share with you...

y aun sin mi pedido...  sin tarjetas de presentacion;  tuve que improvisar unas con carton de colores y unos  plumones para repartir el Sabado en la fiesta de cumpleanos!

Pero, gracias a Dios la mesa de tostitos/postres fue un exito!  Todo salio perfecto, bueno casi, una vez mas no tuve tiempo para colgar un adorno de estrellas,  ni el fondo;  la pared de atras tenia una ventana que no coopero conmigo, ademas la textura de la pared hizo que el fondo no funcionara... en fin,  (casi) todo salio como planeado o mejor y la mayoria de la gente estuvo impresionada con mi trabajo y lo mejor, insinuaron futuras fiestas en las que podre asistirles!!!!